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EZ10 Autonomous Shuttle

EZ10 passenger shuttle


Bring intelligent, shared transport to your site with the most-deployed driverless shuttle in the world. EZ10 is fully customizable for a range of uses, available in a fleet, and comes with end-to-end service from deployment to support.

A future-ready service, today

Our EZ10s operate all over the world in a variety of spaces including city centers, towns, universities, corporate campuses, hospitals, parks, and more. These shuttles run safely and effectively in a wide range of environments, including varying traffic conditions (segregated road, mixed traffic with bicycles and pedestrians, mixed traffic with low-speed cars, etc.) and changing weather conditions (extreme heat, snow, rain, etc).

They improve public transport by connecting hubs and in many areas, provide a public service and where there otherwise wasn’t one.

Fully driverless option

EasyMile is proud to have been the first to offer fully driverless operation of an autonomous shuttle.

We designed the EZ10 with appropriate levels of safety and system redundancies to enable safe operation with entirely remote supervision in specified operational design domains (ODDs), especially private sites like master planned communites, residential areas, business parks and the list goes on.

EZ10s running at this Level 4 of autonomous driving with our technology can handle the majority of driving situations independently (with no service attendant on board).

The EZ10 has proven to be a safe, reliable service. We are proud the first fully driverless deployment at Level 4 of autonomous driving took place at one of our factories. It’s an important milestone both for EasyMile and mobility in general.

Nicolas Verin
CEO of TLD Europe

Evolving solution built to high specifications

Driverless and 100% electric, the EZ10 carries up to 12 people. Designed for operation in mixed traffic environments, it bridges the gap between existing transport services and offers mobility in city or town centers as well as on business or other campuses. It can be deployed alone or in a fleet

The EZ10 doesn’t need infrastructure. It is a vehicle that continues to evolve, following predefined routes or working on-demand via an app, it detects and avoids potential obstacles with a full set of sensors. Seat belts can be fitted and it offers easy access thanks to an inbuilt wheelchair ramp.

We’re on the cusp of a transport revolution where autonomous shuttles like the EZ10 are the future. Deploying with EasyMile is an opportunity to be part of the journey, to see the benefits and live the innovation.

EZ10 specifications at a glance:


  • Passenger capacity per vehicle: 12 (900kg max.)
  • Disabled access: built-in automated electric ramp
  • Service operation modes: scheduled (fixed route, network) or on-demand
  • Fleet management and supervision system: EZFleet
  • Weather conditions: heavy rain, snow, fog, temperature from -15°C to 45 °C
  • Net vehicle weight (estimate): 2,130 kg (4 battery packs and enhanced A/C)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 3,130 kg (4 batteries and enhanced A/C)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4,050 x 1,892 x 2,871 mm

Since our driverless shuttles were first deployed, EasyMile has introduced the technology to almost half a million people globally.

Benedikt Sperling
Sales Director People Transport EMEA

Consumer education and training

As one of the first companies to have a commercially-available driverless vehicle, EasyMile has been educating the general public about the potential of driverless technology for years. 

Our deployments involve educational sessions with emergency responders, including police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel. Throughout our deployments, many of our partners conduct surveys to assess passenger perceptions both before and after their ride experience. This provides our team with valuable feedback that is constantly being integrated into the EasyMile technology roadmap.

EasyMile has also worked with clients globally to help educate government regulators at the federal, state and local levels. We work with these agencies around the world to ensure that the EZ10s are deployed with all of the appropriate regulatory approvals. EasyMile has worked with Departments of Transport and motor vehicle authorities in each location it has operated in and, in many cases, EasyMile has worked with cities, transit agencies, universities, and industry groups as all organizations have become involved in autonomous vehicle deployments.

Training is a key component of EasyMile’s deployment processes. Our training team has developed multiple training curriculums in order for our partners to be reliable and independent in safely deploying, operating, and maintaining their EZ10s, in addition to communicating effectively with passengers.

Here to support you

Our technology is innovative and is underpinned by a high-quality level of accuracy when planning the deployment, and during the commissioning of our solutions, which is why we support our customers with an extensive service.

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A fully-dedicated global field services team of high-skilled engineers and project managers are involved in the deployment process.

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