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EasyMile brings driverless vehicle solutions for people and goods to life with leading technology, providing a real service.

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EasyMile's award-winning technology is delivering the promise of autonomous vehicles around the world




EasyMile's driverless vehicle solutions come with end-to-end service

Autonomous solutions with EasyMile are a seamless experience from site-analysis and customization, to training and ongoing support.



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About us

EasyMile’s industry-leading technology is at the core of an evolving range of autonomous vehicles. We are driven by innovation, technical expertize and collaboration.

We make autonomous driving a reality with our team of experts and one of the best technologies in the world.

Gilbert Gagnaire Founder & CEO

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There Is Money To Be Made In Driverless Logistics

There Is Money To Be Made In Driverless Logistics
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In this article, we take a closer look at self-driving trucks and ask: Why is logistics an area with such potential for driverless technology? What’s behind the EU’s AWARD consortium? How might using AVs in logistics change our day-to-day lives?


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