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Analysis and evaluation to high standards


Our analysis follows a stringent process, providing quality support to partners and starting with the definition of your project. EasyMile’s project analysis and evaluation service is part of our ISO 9001 certification.

In-depth approach from the early stages

EasyMile's analysis starts with an in-house site and route overview. Our software analyzes thousands of situations in what is called the Operational Design Domain (ODD)

A dedicated team of experts

EasyMile’s dedicated team of professionals and technical experts’ goal is to provide world-class support throughout the different stages. 

These discussions and findings contribute to the final analysis of the project that follows a particularly stringent process defined by the ISO 9001 certification. 

Our team supports the client both with the project lifecycle as well as with technical aspects and details. Globally, we help customers with the implementation of an autonomous vehicle system into their existing or future network; this can include features like road and electrical infrastructure, as well as urban planning.

Technically, we also help our customers find the best solutions to achieve their goals. 

Our systematic approach, technical expertise, and comprehensive understanding of the technology becomes your key source of technical advice on autonomous technology solutions. 

Support from technical advisors

EasyMile’s technical advisors assist new and existing partners as they define the technical needs of their driverless vehicle project. With detailed knowledge of autonomous technology and a rigorous safety approach, they are a reliable source of technical support. 

We also put in place a variety of technical tools that provide the best analysis to meet any need. The team can define, for example, the number of vehicles that the project will require, according to the operational conditions, the environmental conditions, and passenger flow.

Project definition

One of the key features in the relationship between technical advisors and partners is also human connection. To our advisors go on-site so they can understand and define needs in real conditions. This enables both parties to fully explore different possibilities around the route, stops, and infrastructure

These visits also allow EasyMile’s advisors to explore any technical challenges, define the real need, undertake the first site analysis, and give preliminary recommendations that will drive the project. 

Regardless of the geographical location, we meet the same standards and attention to detail everywhere.

Arwed Schmidt
Global Lead of Technical Sales

Stringent processes

As the first autonomous vehicle solutions company to be certified ISO 9001 for our quality management system, EasyMile strives to follow stringent internal processes to consistently deliver products and services that meet regulatory requirements. We aim to exceed customer expectations.

We apply these stringent processes from the very beginning of each project during this analysis and evaluation phase. 

Project analysis

Starting with a site visit to understand needs and get a preliminary view of the possible solution, this phase gathers all the necessary information to get the project off the ground. It is the starting point for EasyMile's internal teams as well as for our customer. 

We provide a feasibility assessment mainly comprised of high-level information and technical aspects. It highlights positive points but also, and especially, points out critical parts of the site. 

Project evaluations

Once the analysis has been undertaken by EasyMile’s technical advisors, the project is submitted for evaluation. This second part of the process is also regulated by the ISO 9001 certification with the same standard of requirements for every project.

We reviewed every aspect necessary to progress and ensure the highest level of quality and safety. This includes analyzing any critical points and finding solutions to mitigate them. 

This is representative of the state-of-the-art and stringent quality processes EasyMile has in place to support our customers and deliver the promise of driverless technology.

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