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Vehicles that know how to behave



At EasyMile, we deliver on the promise of autonomous vehicles with our cutting-edge technology. We provide reliable, intelligent transportation, industry-optimized flows and a scalable range of options. We solve mobility and intralogistics challenges today while paving the way for a solution that can drive any vehicle, at any time.

Fully driverless

EasyMile's software is evolving autonomous technology with its ability to be fully driverless in some environments. Vehicles running at this Level 4 of autonomous driving with our technology can handle the majority of driving situations independently.

We use the machine learning technique deep learning to teach the vehicle to learn by example without a human attendant on board to achieve this. This means behaviors like recognizing a stop sign, or knowing the difference between a pedestrian or a lamppost.

Our technology interacts with all kinds of next-generation radars, cameras, and lidar sensors as part of this process. It crunches data from these in real-time for a 360-degree view of the vehicles' surroundings.



Robust and scalable for any wheels 

EasyMile has developed a complete technology stack for autonomous vehicles.  

Our vehicle-agnostic software makes us the partner of choice for global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). As a fabless company, we develop autonomous vehicle solutions that tackle identified use-cases very precisely using our common-core, unique technology. 

We use roboticscomputer vision, and vehicle dynamics in a robust, scalable methodology with continuous integration and state-of-the-art simulation scenarios. With a high number of PhD qualified experts across our teams, we are also a leader in autonomous software research and development. 

Together we are building the road ahead and inventing solutions to challenges never met before.

Olivier Pairot
Product & Marketing Director


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