EasyMile Leads H2020 Project Call to Meet Worldwide Need for Autonomous Heavy-Duty Vehicles

15 May 2020 - Toulouse, France
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The European Commission recognizes the potential for connected and automated heavy commercial vehicles. An EasyMil- led consortium plans to demonstrate heavy-duty autonomous vehicles in harsh weather conditions and real-logistics operations.

Strong consortium of 29 partners with EasyMile as coordinator 

A consortium headed by EasyMile has submitted an application to the European Commission to win funding for a large-scale project aimed at bringing a disruptive change to the trucking industry, fleet operators, and the whole logistics sector by contributing to the accelerated deployment of innovative, connected and automated freight transport solutions in Europe and around the world. The All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations (AWARD) consortium consists of 29 partners, with EasyMile as coordinator.

The European Commission has outlined the growing need for connected and automated driving systems for heavy commercial vehicles, citing their great potential. They can improve safety and efficiency of freight transport and make vehicle operations more comfortable. Positive impacts can be expected when highly automated systems are used in logistics operations going from hub-to-hub, including both operations in mixed traffic and in confined areas.


The project is looking to develop and demonstrate autonomous heavy-duty vehicles in harsh weather conditions for real-logistics operations. EasyMile will provide its state-of-the-art autonomous driving technology, working with heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 and 2 technology providers, end-users, and logistics operators from factories, warehouses, ports, and airports, as well as labs and regulation entities. A cost-benefit analysis will demonstrate the added value and economic viability of automated systems in real logistics operations for users and stakeholders.

“Autonomous driving has the potential to revolutionize heavy-duty freight operations, making them more efficient and flexible. With our partners, the project will make the promise of driverless solutions a reality by addressing challenges such as harsh weather operations which are essential to real-world full-scale freight operations,” said Benoit Perrin, Managing Director and COO of EasyMile. “EasyMile has built strong experience in automated driving. We’re excited our technology is at the forefront of this call.”

In line with the European Union’s strategy, international cooperation is encouraged and is a highlight of the submission with 12 countries represented in the consortium and collaboration with Japan, the US, Australia, and Singapore.

Actions are set to help increase the overall safety and efficiency of freight operations of individual trucks or fleets (emissions/freight ratio, fuel consumption, road occupancy, vehicle utilization, capacity of transport network) in confined areas and in mixed traffic (hub-to-hub) through innovative connected and automated driving systems. As well as show the uptake of new business models and seek to reach a total cost reduction of operations and logistics and supply chain leading to improved competitiveness of the European transport and logistics industry.

If awarded, the project will be rolled out from 2021 for 3 years.

This consortium includes:

Heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers:

  • KAMAG, Worldwide leader for Swap body trucks.
  • Terberg, manufacturer of special vehicles and worldwide leader of yard and terminal trucks for ports, industry, and distribution centers.
  • TLD Group, worldwide leader for airport ground support equipment and Smart Airport Systems (SAS).

Automated driving technology suppliers:

  • Continental, one of the biggest automotive suppliers and expert on automated driving technologies.
  • ADASKY, the leading developer and manufacturer of advanced high-resolution, thermal perception systems.
  • Navtech Radar, world-leading manufacturer of High-Definition-Imaging Radar Solutions.
  • Foresight, world expert in multispectral automotive vision systems and sensor fusion.

Fleet supervision and teleoperation:

  • Applied Autonomy, leading provider of Smart Fleet Management systems for connected autonomous vehicles.
  • Ottopia, delivering safe teleoperation.

Research organizations:

  • CEREMA, expert in characterizing weather-related parameters in fog and rain.
  • Linz Center of Mechatronics.
  • AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology.
  • VTT, validation of automated driving functions and sensors in arctic conditions.
  • University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria – Department of Logistics.


Companies involved in demonstrations of Autonomous Road Transport (ART) Autonomous Transport Systems:

  • Rotax (factory), Avinor (airport).
  •  DB Schenker.


Consulting companies:

  • ENIDE, delivering digital solutions for sustainable mobility and logistics.
  • Testregion and Proving Ground: DigiTrans.
  • Certification and regulatory bodies: CERTX, FRACS-STACS.
  • National and international organizations with close links to the automotive and logistics industries: IRU Projects, CARA European cluster for mobility solutions and Business Upper Austria, Automobil Cluster ÖO.

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