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Deliver the promise of autonomous vehicles


We look for highly-motivated people to join our team: to help build the road ahead and invent solutions to challenges never encountered before. Find your dream job below!

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EasyMile is a world-class expert in autonomous vehicle technology, for passenger and goods transportation, making driverless solutions an accessible reality.

We are also who we are because of our people.

If you are ambitiouscreative, and a highly motivated individual then we need you to join our team to continue to help us realize our dreams for the future of autonomy, as well as secure our growth, ambition, and success. 

Our technology is not only cutting-edge, it is also really cool.

Autonomous technology is exciting! 

Making the dream of autonomy a reality

Since 2014, EasyMile has established itself as a global leader developing and deploying autonomous solutions in vehicles manufactured by prestigious industrial partners. Our clients include the world’s largest transport operators, city authorities, airports, corporations, business parks, universities and industrial sites.

Our flagship solution is the EZ10 driverless electric shuttle. It offers a powerful fleet management and supervision system, EZFleet.

We have also developed the TractEasy, a driverless tow truck solution for round-the-clock ground transportation of goods on industrial sites and logistics centers. Our adaptable software can be integrated in numerous other vehicle platforms and we have many other projects to be unveiled soon.

EasyMile's highly-skilled and passionate technical employees specialize in robotics, computer vision and vehicle dynamics. We have a deep learning team in Singapore and are supported by rockstar professional staff around the world.

What are we looking for?

Beyond excellent technical skills, EasyMile is looking for the right attitude: ambition, creativity and perseverance. Highlighting strong values such as innovation, excellence and team spirit, we keep pushing boundaries to invent the future of autonomous vehicles.

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EasyMilers are driven by passion, trustteamwork, innovation and excellence.

Committed to promoting and developing all talent

EasyMile SAS has calculated its 2023 Gender Equality Index: it is 77/100

EasyMile is committed to promoting women in the workplace and developing female talent. As part of this, and in accordance with French law aimed at evening conditions between women and men, we calculated the Gender Equality Index for EasyMile SAS.

We review salaries on a regular basis, encourage female candidates, have a wellness program open to all employees and continuously look to ensure a balance between women and men.

We also strongly encourage people with disabilities to apply for our jobs.

Version Française

Engagé à promouvoir et à développer tous les talents

Conformément à la loi française visant à égaliser les conditions entre les femmes et les hommes, nous avons calculé l'indice d'égalité femmes-hommes pour EasyMile SAS. Il est de 77/100 en 2023.

Chez EasyMile nous accordons une grande importance à l’égalité Femme-Homme!

Depuis 2018, nous avons obtenu des scores supérieures à 75/100 ainsi que la note maximale de 35/35 par rapport à l’écart d’augmentation entre les femmes et les hommes.

Pour les prochaines années, nous continuons notre politique qui assure:

  • Les mêmes possibilités de parcours professionnels, d’évolution de carrières, de niveau de classification et d’accès aux postes à responsabilité.
  • Le développement des compétences de façon égalitaire  via le plan de formation.
  • L’égalité de rémunération entre les femmes et les hommes pour un même emploi.
  • Le passage à temps partiel pour tous les hommes et les femmes souhaitant en bénéficier, permettant ainsi de mieux concilier l’articulation vie privée/vie professionnelle.
  • Un entretien professionnel systématiquement à la suite de chaque retour de congé maternité. En plus de cet entretien nous nous engageons à rediscuter les missions ainsi qu'à réévaluer le niveau de salaire.
  • Un processus de recrutement inclusif et équitable dès l'embauche.

Nous continuons à assurer le suivi et à faire des ajustements nécessaires pour corriger d'éventuels écarts.

We are proud to have developed a modern and welcoming global company employing almost 240 highly-skilled and passionate people. This is your chance to be part of the future!

Yury Rodriguez
Human Resources Manager

Life at EasyMile

We chose our locations as much for lifestyle as fit.

EasyMilers, at our home base in Toulouse, enjoy working from a modern space on the iconic Canal du Midi waterway, or our test site in the south of the city. Our Denver crew love the mountains, the Singaporeans know all the best spots to eat and Berlin celebrates urban lifestyle.

We are a global and connected team who are:

  • Sporty: we have EasyMilers who love football, running, trail, basketball, climbing and more - and love to practice together!

  • Fun: board games, breakout rooms, movie nights, games space, whatever takes your fancy, EasyMile has it.

  • Creative: take part in our endless debate about the best technologies.

  • Social: we have regular breakfasts, all company meetings, trivia, outings, team building and more to exchange in a relaxed environment.

On top of this, at our home base in Toulouse's super-modern Riverside building, you’ll also get hot drinks (we have great coffee and tea) and fresh fruit.

At Riverside we have an amazing outdoor terrace that overlooks the canal, are 2 minutes from the métro, walking distance from a great selection of cafés, restaurants, sports and activities, have a nap room if you're feeling tired, showers and bike storage, as well as our EZ Wellness program (short courses, speakers and sessions) - and all this a hop skip and a jump from the centre of town. 

EasyMile encourages people to use public transport, bikes, and has electric cars for business travel from Toulouse.

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