Autonomous towing demo at Toyota Material Handling Systems during MODEX 2024

4 March 2024 - Denver, CO, USA
Written by TractEasy
The EZTow autonomous tow tractor at the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing in Germany,  Image: TractEasy Inc.
Atlanta/Denver, 18 March 2024.

- Demonstration of EZTow autonomous tow tractor at Toyota Material Handling Systems (Atlanta Forklifts Incorporated), GA during MODEX

- Powerful, outdoor material handling solution for industrial sites

- Vehicle manufactured by TLD with EasyMile driverless technology, and Advanced Charging Technologies, Inc. (ACT)’s solution

- Distributed by TractEasy, a joint venture between TLD and EasyMile

TractEasy, the leader provider of autonomous towing solutions for outdoor environments, successfully conducted an exclusive presentation and live demonstration of its EZTow driverless tow tractor in collaboration with Toyota Material Handling Systems (Atlanta Forklifts Incorporated) and Advanced Charging Technologies, Inc. (ACT). This event was held in conjunction with the MODEX manufacturing and supply chain expo in Atlanta, Georgia,

The EZTow is used on outdoor routes at industrial sites and airports for material, cargo and baggage flows. The electric, autonomous vehicle leverages mature, reliable technology from TLD and EasyMile, using a range of sensors with real-time processing, allowing it to navigate the complex outdoor, industrial environment with centimeter-level precision, either replacing or integrating with its conventional, manned counterparts under human direction.  It can integrate with existing systems and fleets, and operate up to 24/7.

“We are excited for the opportunity to showcase the EZTow tugger and its unique functionality designed to autonomously operate outdoors,” says Lee Jones, Corporate Systems Manager for Toyota Material Handling Systems.

“Automation can perform repetitive tasks quickly and accurately, leading to increased efficiency which translates to cost savings and higher productivity. With MODEX right in our backyard in Atlanta, we had such a great opportunity to demonstrate the TractEasy EZTow for everyone to see.”

“TractEasy is delighted to have partnered with Toyota Material Handling Solutions for this demonstration. We are happy to showcase the strong performance of our solution and its alignment with TMHS’ commitment to outdoor automation. Manufacturing flows that include exterior routes are ripe for automation and we’re thrilled to have showed how this works with TMHS,” said Richard Reno, CEO of TractEasy.

“We are excited to support TractEasy and integrate our industry leading charging solution into the innovative EZTow deployments,” said Michael K. Nelson, President of ACT. “These recent deployments underscore our dedication to advancing the electric autonomous vehicle landscape, offering a seamless and efficient intelligent charging experience for users of autonomous towing services.”

The EZTow’s autonomous driving stack is built from EasyMile technology. EasyMile’s software is the most widely used autonomous vehicle solution in the world with more than 400 deployments and over 1,000,000 kilometers driven autonomously. It is the most-deployed autonomous tow tractor globally, operating on numerous major automotive manufacturing plants and logistics centers in Europe, including the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing and Daimler AG in Germany, and the United States. It is also in use at major airports around the world for baggage handling.
Both TMHS and TractEasy are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and contributing to the widespread adoption of end-to-end autonomous towing.

About Toyota Material Handling Systems

Atlanta Fork Lifts Incorporated supports warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations. Our goal is to evaluate the needs of each customer and tailor a solution which provides the most productivity and the lowest cost of ownership. In today’s business environment, it is important to provide solutions to customers that let them meet the demands of a changing market. We achieve this by partnering with our customers and staying connected to their ever-changing needs.
For more information, visit Atlantaforklifts.

About TractEasy
TractEasy is a joint venture between two industry leaders: TLD and EasyMile. It is an independent distributor of autonomous towing solutions with close cooperation and integration with its parent companies. Together, they offer the most advanced driverless technology in the market to airport and industrial clients. Its “EZTow” tow tractor can tow up to 20 tons autonomously using a range of sensors and cameras with real-time processing to navigate complex outdoor environments. It is already used by a range of manufacturing sites and airports around the world, with a growing client base.
For more information, visit TractEasy.

About Advanced Charging Technologies, Inc. (ACT)
Established in 2009, Advanced Charging Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a recognized industry leader in integrated solutions for eMHE and eGSE battery and charging technologies. Committed to constant innovation, ACT drives industry transformation with cutting-edge products. Its portfolio includes smart industrial appliances that set new standards and connected fleet solutions that enhance business efficiency. ACT has deployed over 60,000 chargers worldwide, reflecting its dedication to progress through technological excellence. Rooted in unwavering service and ethics, ACT is devoted to delivering exceptional quality products and services across the globe.
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