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Autonomous Terminal Tractor

EZTug Autonomous Yard Truck


The new era of port logistics. A yard truck that uses advanced driverless technology to navigate port facilities independently in mixed traffic, efficiently transporting heavy loads.



More than 80% of global trade passes through ports, putting pressure on challenges including driver shortages, efficiency, and safety.





 Billion tonnes of freight globally per year



Ports that still use manual, paper solutions for operations



Turnaround time for container ships in port*




Our solution


Leading technology

Unique advanced systems approved worldwide. EasyMile has successfully incorporated its technology on multiple vehicle platforms, backed by CE certification. This ensures that EZTug, with the same technology, its harsh weather capabilities, route flexibility and ability to drive in mixed traffic upholds our commitment to safe and efficient operations.


Global partnership

Developed with Terberg Special Vehicles, a renowned manufacturer of advanced transportation solutions. By leveraging their industry expertize and impressive track record of successfully delivering over 40,000 vehicles, this collaboration allows us to provide unparalleled quality in the market.


Seamless port integration

Zero infrastructure needs to merge with your port operations. With teleoperation possibilities and automated handshake with container handling equipment, EZTug ensures optimal performance and eliminates any logistical hindrances.

Vehicle specifications

Industry                              Energy                             Battery pack combination

Containerization               Electric                            Options up to 222 kWh

Gross Vehicle Weight      Driveline                          Regenerative braking

65-105 Tons                      4 x 2                                For lower energy consumption

Charger connector        

Complies with CCS2.0 automotive standard


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