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Toward smart city integration

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s first autonomous vehicle deployment and operation: EasyMile’s EZ10 driverless shuttle, in partnership with KAUST, toward smart city integration.

Developing a local eco-system for autonomous vehicles and preparing for larger-scale deployment 

As a regional leader in the high-tech research field, KAUST is bringing its talents to the autonomous vehicle experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The collaboration is much wider than just a transportation service for the community, the research and development element of the project will help the autonomous vehicle industry move faster towards the future. The Application Programming Interface (API) integration and on-demand service are also a fundamental part of the deal as it paves the road towards a smarter transportation service.

Bringing the first autonomous vehicle to the Saudi environment

With its hot and humid weather most of the year, the Saudi environment presented a fresh challenge that EasyMile successfully overcame. Also, offering an old-fashioned service is not part of our innovation roadmap so the most exciting part of this project is the ability to innovate without limits. 

Planning a larger fleet of vehicles, offering a versatile and innovative service

An EZ10 driverless vehicle offers a transportation service on a 3km route around the main campus and in mixed traffic conditions. Many intersections are also part of the route as the objective is to fit the EZ10 in the existing traffic with no modification to the current infrastructure.

The aim at the end of the pilot phase is to offer a complete fleet of EZ10 passenger shuttles and bring a versatile, innovative, and zero-emission service to the university community.