Solution Features

3 modes of operation

In 'metro' mode the shuttles stop at all stations

EZ10 follows a set timetable and passengers can get on or off at any station.

In 'bus' mode the shuttle stops at a station on request

EZ10 operates like a bus covering a predefined route and stops at stations on boarding or alighting passengers request only.
The “metro” and “bus” mode offers another set of features :

  • in “horizontal lift” mode EZ10 operates back and forth in a single traffic lane.
  • in “loop” mode EZ10 operates in a loop.

In 'on demand' service mode, EZ10 can be called like a taxi

Service request to destination is performed using a smartphone app.

Customisable and scalable service

EZ10 needs only light infrastructure to operate and meets smart transportation requirements.

The shuttle service runs on virtual tracks that can be easily configured to accommodate sudden shifts in demand.

The service operator can set up new timetables and create new virtual stops to facilitate the flow of traffic

Safe and Secure

Due to redundant embedded systems inspired by aeronautics, EZ10 ensures the safety of passengers and road users from road hazards and technical failures.

  • Our hybrid sensing approach combines shuttle localisation through vision, laser and differential GPS. This approach ensures smooth operation irrespective of infrastructure constraints, visibility and/or weather conditions.
  • Detection of static or moving objects and people relies on redundant perception systems. Upon detection EZ10 adjust its trajectory and speed leading to obstacle avoidance.
  • A ‘safety chain’ as a standalone collision avoidance feature adds to the vehicle and user safety.

Fleet management software enables the remote and real time monitoring and control of the fleet of EZ10 shuttles.

EZ10 driverless shuttle

EZ10 Features

The EZ10 is manufactured by French light weight automobile maker Ligier. Founded  in 1971 and with a background in motor racing (including 20 years in Formula 1),  Ligier is the second largest european microcar provider. Ligier market electric vehicles since 2008.

EZ10 is an electric people mover. It can transport up to 12 people (6 seating positions and 6 standing positions) and can cater to reduced mobility passengers.

The shuttle has no steering wheel and neither dedicated front nor back. At any point on its route EZ10 can easily change its direction without needing a short turn.


Capacity: 12 persons (6 seating and 6 standing)
Cruising speed: 20 km/h
Maximum speed: 40 km/k
Propulsion engine: Electric asynchronous
Autonomy: up to 14 hours of operations.
Battery: Lithium-ion (LiFeP04)
Battery Charger: 230V 16A
Air-Conditioning: Yes
Length:  3.928 m
Width: 1.986 m
Height: 2.750 m
Wheelbase: 2.800 m
Payload: 1700 kg
Fully loaded: 2750 kg

User Site

Urban & pedestrian centers

New towns and smart cities

Convention centers

Exhibition centers, recreation centers, theme parks

Transportation hubs

Airport hubs, Harbour hubs , Rail hubs,..


University campuses, corporate campuses

Healthcare hubs

Healthcare hubs & retirement communities

Business Parks

 Industrial clusters, business clusters

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between EZ10
and my own car?

EZ10 is not a car. It has no steering wheel, no specific front nor rear.
It is an electric shuttle. EZ10 is meant for public transportation. It is a people mover able to transport up to 12 people.

Why are you comparing EZ10 to a horizontal lift service?

Like a metro, the shuttle runs back and forth on a single traffic lane

How fast does the EZ10 go ?

EZ10 cruises at a speed of 25 km per hour. However, EZ10 is not about speed it is about covering short distances (last mile concept) where conventional means of transportation are not relevant but at the same time distances are too long to walk all the more when facing adverse weather conditions!

Where should I go to see an EZ10 in full operating mode?

Fleets of EZ10 are currently operating in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia! We are working hard to expand our reach so stay tune for more news as we might be reaching your shores soon!

Ok, then you are a people mover. What is the difference between EZ10 and say a bus or a tram?

EZ10 is a driverless vehicle and unlike a tram it does not need infrastructure to operate. Like a bus or a tram EZ10 is following a route, in this case a virtual one, which is mapped and can be mapped again.

Can I use EZ10 to visit my grandmother?

You will not see EZ10 on open roads for the time being. EZ10 is dedicated to private areas like campuses (university/corporate), industrial sites, airports, recreation centres, pedestrian areas…

Is it safe to board the EZ10 and be driven without a driver?

Yes it is. EZ10 has many layers of redundant safety features.

Can I buy an EZ10?

Buyers are mainly corporates and public bodies. That said if your garden is as big as Central Park, feel free to talk to us :).